What Are The Best Places To Visit In Queensland?

If you are planning a trip to the Sunshine State, you most likely will visit its capital Brisbane as the city is huge and offers all the facilities you are used to back home. Furthermore it is highly organized and has great infrastructure and facilities that can make your trip very comfortable. However, Queensland is more than just the state where Brisbane is. There are many lovely town and cities in this state , each offering their own amazing experiences for you to immerse yourself in. So here are the places you should go when you make a trip to this lovely state.


Famous for being the main base from where you can access the Great Barrier reef, Cairns is a beautiful city where the rainforest thrives but while mingling harmoniously with the cityscape. It is a tourist destination through and through with many luxurious resorts, shops and restaurants for you to visit. So if you can afford to spend a decent amount of money make sure to visit this city. The beauty of the reef and nature will have you mesmerized and feel as if you are visiting another world. Moreover, you can always rent a boat and just navigate the pristine blue seas that grace magazines from all over the world. It truly is a sight to behold.


ThisĀ  beautiful city has mesmerized visitors for centuries. With a rich history and beautiful landmarks, you are in for a visual treat in Rockhampton. There are many places of heritage and historical buildings that have stood for decades and more. Furthermore there are gorgeous cathedrals that can take your breath away. If you love beef, then you are in for a better treat. This city isĀ  considered the Beef capital of Australia and is home to the biggest beef export in the state. There are even 6 bulk statues which represent the breeds found in the city, located around the place. So make sure to find them all.


This town is much smaller than the above cities but it holds great importance in the history of Queensland. Croydon was a major town involved in gold mining in the 1800s. The town saw great wealth and a huge population. With time as the gold started to run out, the town became smaller and now is home to roughly 100,000 people. However, you can still access the mines and witness a part of history. The surviving equipment can also be seen. Furthermore the city is home to delicious food, with many a restaurant Croydon serving up a delicious meal for visitors and locals to enjoy.


This town renowned across Queensland for its sugar and banana production was severely damaged by Tropical cyclone Larry in 2006. However the town persevered and with the hell of volunteers and their own people, they rebuilt the town and restored it to its former glory. The town is ethnically diverse therefore you could experience the different cultures, their cuisines and their ways of life first hand. It really is a beautiful town filled with spirit and positivity.
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