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Ways to Spend the Weekend with Your Friends

Going out on a weekend is one of the best ways to spend time with friends. Especially if you are trying hard to find common day during the week. There are a few ideas you can try out on a weekend and give yourself a short break after a weeks and weeks at school or work. Take a look at these ideas.

Go Camping

One of the most adventurous things you can try out is camping. It is inexpensive and will give you all the time to enjoy fresh air after months of being holed up in classrooms and office rooms. You don’t need to go too far from home either. If there is a camping site near you, you can pack your bags and tents and go there since you will only be staying there for the weekend and is only looking for a short break. You can plan a hike, make campfire meals and just relax with the nature and the company of good friends.

Go to a Game

If you are a fan of sports, you can always go and watch a game by your favourite sports team. Get all your friends to agree on a date and start booking your tickets. You can easily get them online whether they are for cricket or AFL tickets. Book your tickets as soon as possible and keep them in a safe place so you want loose them before the game. Watching sports live is another way of stress releasing and keeping your mind active.


If you are shopaholic get your friends together and go around the town to visit your favourite shops. Shopping gives you something other than work to concentrate on and is anti-depressant. Plan a shopping date with your friends and treat yourself after all the hard work you have been doing for the last few weeks. Try on new clothes; give a try to new designs and styles. At the end of the day, you can drop by your favourite café to relax and refresh yourself.

Movie Night

Plan a movie night with your friends. Make them all gather to one place and select two or three of your favourite movies. You can choose few movies of the same category or pick movies of different genres. Assign each to bring some snack or drink. Your essentials should include popcorn.  If you want to make things a little more adventurous you can move your movie night to outdoors.


Want to help someone? Get all your friends and go for volunteering. This will not only allow all your mates to come together but also gives you the opportunity to learn some new skills. This can work skills such as cooking, carpentry, gardening or soft skills such as interacting with people. There will be various kinds of volunteering projects near you. You can pick one you like and simply go there on the date of the project. The organizers will be happy to have you.

Spending time with your friends on a weekend is a good way to relieve your stress and freshen yourself. It will help you to be more mentally prepared for the coming week.

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