Top Three Things Every Wedding Planner Should Know

As the year draws to a close, wedding season isin full swing with brides seeking gorgeous winter backdrops for their big day,and the services of wedding planners are highly sought. For many brides,wedding planners are their guardian angels who organize the whole wedding andall its little components while the bride can focus on getting ready for herbig day.  If you are a wedding plannerthen you get to play a huge role in making the dreams of brides come true andensuring that their wedding is everything they ever wanted and more thereforehere are the top three things you should know.

Listen to Everything the Bride Tells You and Doesn’t

Yes, a key thing you need to do is listen carefully to what the bride tells you and what she doesn’t. You might wonder what that means but honestly it is not that complicated. Gestures and body language can speak a lot and is something you should pay attention to. If your bride looks away or becomes tight-lipped when you suggest something, even if she doesn’t say anything it might be worth your time to suggest something else or cross off the idea. You can choose to ask her if there is something that concerns her and find out why she doesn’t like it but do so with care. Asking her too many questions especially if she doesn’t really want to talk about it may reflect badly on your people skills. Also pay attention to happy signals. If her eyes brighten up or she smiles with excitement regarding a certain topic, it might be worth looking into incorporating that as it is clearly something that she likes. For example, when talking about vehicles if she smiles brighter when speaking about hiring Melbourne Chauffeurs, it is a cue for you to consider hiring chauffeurs.

Speak About Any Concerns to the Bride

There areno use keeping concerns to yourself. If you feel like something might getdelayed or you are not going to be able to complete a task within the budget orthere is any other issue, always talk about it with the bride.  It is her day after all therefore it is only right that she knows aheadof time when you have any concerns. Do not wait until she feels better to breakthe bad news. Bad news no matter, when it arrives, will make a bride upset,that is guaranteed and you should not break it to her when she is feelingreally down however waiting for the perfect moment is futile and may result inyou informing her too late. Therefore read the situation and break it to her atthe earliest possible opportunity and when doing so try to keep other optionsand solutions ready.

Get the Family Involved

Weddings are a time to bring the whole family together and a sentimental way to do it is to get the family involved. Not only does this make everyone behave responsibly during the wedding and communicate well with one another, it can also help you cut costs and ensure everything stays within budget. Instead of having to pay someone to do the decorations you could get the family to help out. They could even help with the wedding favours and backdrops.

In the end, a wedding planner’s job is to makea bride’s dream come true, so make sure you listen to the above tips andorganize the wedding with care and the utmost dedication.

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