Tips To Maintain Your Matte Paint Job

One good way to get your car to stand out from the rest is to get a matte paint job because they are absolutely beautiful to look at. They’re also still unique enough to raise a few eyebrows no matter where you take your car. Whether you’re thinking about getting a matte paint job for your car or you’ve already gotten one, you should know that it involves a different, more tedious cleaning and maintenance procedure altogether. It is important to keep in mind that the standard procedure which applies to normal, glossy paint jobs do not work on matte finishes. So if you want to ensure that the paint is always well taken care of, read on and familiarize yourself with how to perform maintenance on a matte finish:

Do Not Attempt To Wax or Polish

An attempt to wax or polish the matte finish on your car entirely defeats the purpose of having a matte paint job. While a reflective, mirror-shine may be a pleasure to look at on cars with gloss paint jobs, the same cannot be said for those with matte finishes.  Furthermore if you try to wax or polish the latter, you will definitely end up causing damage to the paint.

However if you still want to do some detailing work on your car in order to add some flair to it, focus on finding professional detailing supplies that are specifically made for matte-finishes. This way you can achieve what you want without damaging the paint.

Wash It Yourself

If you want to wash a car with a matte finish, avoid automatic car washes like the plague. This is because these sorts of finishes require a more tender touch and the machines in an automatic car wash can damage the paint and make it look uneven. Not only is the result aesthetically unappealing, it can also cost you a lot of money to restore the look.

Hence the best thing to do is to wash it yourself. Matte finishes scratch very easily so make sure you take care to use the right cleaning supplies. For example, avoid sponges and use a microfiber cloth to wash and soap.  This is because the surface of the sponge can accumulate dirt and hence scrape the paint as you continue to drag it along the surface. Additionally, you always want to use cleaning chemicals that are specially-made for matte finishes to avoid any unnecessary damage.

As mentioned above, you want to use a gentle hand when washing the car. Do not strain your movements or you might end up scratching the paint.

Take Care When Removing Contaminants

If something like a bug or a bird dropping is stuck to the paint job, then you want to approach the removal process with caution in order to prevent damage to it. Use a damp microfiber cloth but be careful not to rub too hard. If soaping is necessary, use an automotive soap that is designed to work with matte finishes and follow the instructions on the label.

While taking care of a matte finish can seem like a very difficult and time-consuming process, it won’t seem that way once you establish a routine and adhere to the best practices. Besides considering how good matte finishes look, they’re entirely worth the effort.

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