Things To Know About The Greater City Of Geelong

Geelong, a port city that offers a wide mix of attractions from lush greenery to magnificent beaches, cosmopolitan towns to historic townships. Geelong has everything to be a vacation spot, nature to refresh your soul, history to be valued, shopping to be done and numerous adventures to try.

It maybe Victories second largest city but it emanates the town-ish vibes. Hospitable and friendly locals and charming and historical monuments are two major elements that provide the town-ish buzz. Geelong is located pretty close to the Great Ocean Road and copious adventure worthy beaches. The city may be in transition but the potential for tourism is vast, and maybe that’s why Geelong must be a part of “your travel list”.

But a lot of us still doubt and are unsure of what to do in Geelong. Well tag along, and follow up lesson 101 about Geelong.

Where To Stay?

Finding accommodation in Geelong is pretty easy. Accommodation includes hotels, motels, lodges, serviced apartments, inns, and resorts. You can either pre-book or find accommodation on arrival. There are a variety of star hotels in Geelong, each priced differently. And you can choose the one that fits into your budget and comfort zone perfectly. Find a place to stay within the city limits, that way you can save time.

What To Eat?

Australian cuisine is food fit for the gods. It is delicious, sensual and aromatic. The food keeps both locals and tourists happy throughout. Geelong has numerous fine restaurants, cafés, pubs, diners, and dives. So you have a variety of places to choose from to feast. Geelong also provides food of all cuisines, so that you can feel like home even when you are away from home.

Where To Go?

Like every other place in this world, Geelong has numerous places that deserve to be explored and thoroughly enjoyed.

The Adventure Park:  Adventure Park is Victoria’s most massive water theme park. It offers abundant of rides and attractions like water slides, water playgrounds, action rides, and family rides. The park also offers a variety of dry rides, in case you have no plans of getting wet.  There are copious rides for children, teenagers, and older people. Note: it is open only from October to April.

The National Wool Museum: If you are an anthropologist, well it’s time to visit the National Wool Museum. The NWM hold rich Australian history about wool. The history itself is so intoxicating that the NWM is now one of the most visited places in Geelong. It is generally open throughout weekdays, however, timings differ during festivals and special holidays.

Geelong Gallery: A prized gallery that possesses more than 6,000 works of arts in its collection. A must go place for every aesthetician. The history of this gallery is dated to 1895 and exists till today.

Geelong Waterfront: A tourist and recreation area located on the north facing shores of Corio Bay. Although this area does not hold a rich history, it is a must see place. Don’t forget to take amazing selfies.

The list is simply endless. There are numerous places that are perfect for nature lovers and more historic places to see.

What To Do?

Well, we say sit back, relax and explore. Research some more on Geelong, get mesmerized and get ready for your next vacation.
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