Things To Keep In Mind When Touring Kerala For The First Time

Kerala is one of thefavorite destinationsof tourists who want to travel and savor the culture and traditions of India. The best thing about it is that when you’re in Kerala you will never run out of wonderful places to see. However, if it is your first time travelling to Kerala, keep in mind the following things:

Bring Cotton, Light Or Woolen Clothes

Kerala is known to have an equitable climate most days of the year. So, remember to pack light clothes especially those made of cotton. However, if you have plans of visiting their hill stations and other cold areas, you might as well bring some woolen clothes with you too.

Be Ready To Take Some Pictures

Kerala is home to many splendid places that you surely do not want to miss capturing. Bring your own camera with you so you can capture each memorable moment and the breathtaking views. If your itinerary includes visiting wildlife sanctuaries, it is best to bring binoculars.

Carry Your Own Bottled Water

It would not be a great idea to just drink water from public taps or from people selling water along the roadside. It is best to have Kerala coconut water when you’re feeling so thirsty and carry bottled water too.

Pack Some Medicines

Prepare your medicines to ensure that your travel will be stress-free. Bring some meds for colds, cough, fever, nausea and headache. It is also very important to bring some loperamide tablets so you will be spared from the hassle of using public toilets everywhere.


There Is No Need To Bring A Lot Of Cash

There are plenty of ATMs and banks that you can see across Kerala’s towns and cities, so there is no need for you to be worried about running out of cash. Just bring what you need and then your ATM card. You can just go to the nearest ATM in case you need to.

Avoid PDAs

India is a country with rich culture and tradition. They are also strictly bound to a very conservative tradition and this is the reason why if you do not want to be tagged as someone with no respect for their culture and beliefs, avoid showing any public display of affection with your partner. For example, avoid kissing and hugging in public places.


Curb Your Smoking Habits

Kerala has been known for its ecotourism consciousness and this is why smoking in public would not be a good idea. If you insist on doing so, then you should know that smoking is a punishable public offense.

Know The Necessary Health Precautions

Dengue is one common disease that is endemic to Kerala. This illness strikes usually during monsoon season. So don’t forget to bring some mosquito repellants and mosquito nets especially if you would be spending a lot of time outdoors. Remember that luxury touring Kerala may not be as enjoyable as you expect it to be when you’re afflicted with an illness during your travel.

Book Your Accommodation In Advance

Luckily, there are many options for accommodations especially if you will be traveling in major cities of Kerala. If you are traveling on a  budget, there is no need to worry. You can definitely find one that suits your budget and preference. However, do not forget to book your room or hotel accommodation in advance to ensure you will have a place ready when you get tired and want to rest for a while.

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