The Most Common Dental Procedures Explained

Choosing a dental procedure is stressful and confusing to most people. This might be because they don’t really have an idea about every procedure or some are just scared to undergo one. To make things easier, here are the most common procedures offered by dental clinics and when they are needed.


The whiteness of our teeth generally decreases through time. Teeth stains are usually caused by beverages such as tea and coffee, or foods like berries. Your teeth can also get stained if you smoke or take tetracycline. Visit a dentist Willoughby if you want the best quality in-office whitening procedure. You may also try bleaching your teeth at home.


It is done on teeth that are cracked, chipped or decayed. In this procedure, a composite resin is applied to the damaged areas to repair and make teeth look better. This can also be done between tooth gaps to close them.


These are used to correct misaligned teeth. They exert constant pressure that corrects the problematic tooth through time.

Bridges and Implants

These procedures are done to fill in missing teeth. Bridges are composed of two dental crowns with a false tooth in between them. The false tooth is placed on the gap and is kept in place by the dental crowns that are attached to the 2 neighbouring teeth. Dental implants are false teeth that are held in place by an artificial root.

Dental Crowns

This protects the damaged teeth by covering them. A dental crown covers the whole part of the tooth above the gum line.


Commonly used by the elderly, these things replace rows of missing teeth. A denture can either be full or partial.


This is done when your teeth are severely damaged beyond repair. A tooth is removed in order to prevent damage from spreading to nearby teeth.

Fillings and Repairs

This restores the tooth by filling in cavities caused by tooth decay or cracks from trauma.

Gum Surgery

Periodontal disease causes gum and teeth loss when left untreated. If you’ve been diagnosed to have it, you will undergo gum surgery to reverse its negative effects.

Root Canals

This procedure is done on decayed teeth. The affected tooth is opened and the infected tissue inside is removed and cleaned. An artificial filling is applied in the hollow area and then sealed.


These are applied to protect the teeth from bacteria that cause decay. The chewing parts of your teeth are usually applied by sealants.


Their function is similar to dental bonds but is much stronger and durable. They are made of ceramic or resin that is bonded to chipped, broken or decayed teeth.

Examination for Oral Cancer

Your dentist may do a routine check-up by examining sores or discolored parts in your mouth. They will also check for unusual lumps inside your oral cavity, face, neck and head. Since cancer is not a rare disease nowadays, this assessment is usually incorporated into a routine dental exam.

The next time your dentist schedules you for a procedure, you already know what to expect. Keep your pearly whites perfect with only the finest dental procedures.

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