South Asia: Experience Nature’s Grandeur and Local Traditions

Suppose you were given a travel ticket to anywhere in the world, which country will you choose to go to? Do you want to witness the majestic landscapes? How about climbing some high mountains? Do you mind trekking through the mountains while having a grand view of the sceneries? Better yet, do you want to meet the locals and experience their life? Then, no doubt, you need to visit South Asia! Although some believe that Southeast Asia and South Asia are one and the same, note that they are very much different. The former refers to the 11 countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, and many others. On the other hand, South Asia refers to a group of eight countries. Although some of these countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan are not open to most travellers, there are other magnificent places that you can visit. Below are some of the notable ones that you should take note of:

Bhutan’s Rinpung Dzong

Regarded as the “happiest country on Earth”, Bhutan is a country that lies in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. This mountainous region is known for its rich culture and traditions. Such is embedded in the architectural structure of Rinpung Dzong. Also known as the Fortress on a Heap of Jewels, the Rinpung Dzong pertains to a fort surrounded with high walls. Built during the 16th century, numerous shrines, temples, and wall paintings can be seen in the area. This includes the Sandalwood stupa, Monk’s assembly hall, and protector’s shrine. The Rinpung Dzong is the centre of the Festival of Tshechu held annually every March to April. During the festival, processions of the holy images were conducted followed by the monks’ mask dances. Visit Bhutan and be amazed at their Tshechu Festival!

Sri Lanka’s Sigiriya Rock Fortress

Although Sri Lanka is a small country, Marco Polo regarded it as one of the finest islands in the world. It is known for its temples, jungles, and tea plantations. Most tourists, however, visit one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which is the Sigiriya Rock Fortress located in the Matale district. Also known as the Lion’s Rock, this fortress requires 1,200 steps before you reach the top. Tiring as it may, it will be worth it once you see the impressive view of the jungles below. This ancient ruin is perfect for active travellers who love to go walking and trekking activities. The fortress is also an ideal subject for many nature photographers who want to capture nature’s grandeur. Plan your trip ahead of time and consult Sri Lanka tours to assist you with your itinerary.

Nepal’s Himalayan Mountains

Continue your trekking adventure with the many mountains of Nepal. Did you know that out of the ten highest mountain peaks in the world, eight of them can be found in Nepal? The most renowned include the Mount Everest and the Himalayan Mountains. If you want a more daring adventure, you can try the Mount Everest. Did you know that in 2015, a group of mountaineers successfully climbed such mountain for the first time after 40 years? Although Mount Everest is such a tough climb, you can settle with the wide-ranging Himalayan Mountains. The best months to visit is during the late October until early May. Since the Himalayan Mountains is tremendously wide to the extent that it covers many countries, you can choose several entry points such as Kathmandu in Nepal, Paro in Bhutan, Lhasa in Tibet, or other Pakistan or India entry points.

Wherever it is that you desire to go, bear in mind that with South Asia, you will be astounded with nature’s grandeur and the locals’ traditions that each nation has preserved for many years.

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