How to Have Endless Adventures in the Grampians

Grampians in Melbourne, Australia is an impressive recreation area for people who love going on adventures, being outdoors and experiencing nature. The place is vast with several leisure interests that a day is not enough. The list below enumerates some of the outdoor adventures you could embark on when you visit Grampians.

Take a Scenic Walk

The Grampians National Park is an excellent place for a scenic walk which is why it is often part of many Grampians tour. The site for indigenous rock art formations and sandstone mountain ranges, the part is an Australian National Heritage site since December 2006. Several trails are available for the novice to the expert. Venus Baths Loop Walk is a 2.3 km relaxed stroll that tracks the river to several rock pools. This trail is perfect for all ages since there are no hurdles and obstacles to overcome, making it one of those enjoyable walks that will make you appreciate the scenery. During warmer months, the rock pools are filled with freshwater where hikers could splash around and cool off.

One of the trails for the beginners is the Grand Canyon Loop Walk. This 900m trail is considered to be one of the most interesting since the rock platforms could be hopped on, perfect for those families with active and outdoorsy kids. There are also handrails to guide those who are not as energetic. The trail wind across rocks and the canyon and climbs out for the gorgeous view of the Grampians with the trail winding back to the car park.

Sleep under the Stars

Halls Gap is a town at the base of the Grampians. Most campers, trekkers and hikers start at this point. The campground is perfect for those who wanted a glamping experience. Coined for glam + camping, glamping is a more luxurious form of camping. Glamp sites at Halls Gap are provided with comfortable features such as a queen size bed. The Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park is also an impeccable location to spot some Cockatoos, Emus and Kangaroos. A heated swimming pool is also available for those wanting to take a dip.

Chase Some Waterfalls

Channel TLC and sing “Chasing Waterfalls” while taking the Mackenzie Falls Walk which will take approximately 1 hours and 30 minutes to complete. At the start of the trail, Cranges Lookout is a viewing platform at the edge of the falls. There is another platform at the base or trekkers could walk down until the edge of the pool to view the falls upfront. Another 1.4 km walk, and hikers could experience Fish Falls. Broken fall is another waterfall within Grampians which is smaller compared to Mackenzie Falls but is still worth a visit. Kangaroos are also sighted in the area.

Prepare a Basket

Pack some food and drinks and have a picnic at Zumsteins Picnic Area. The area is also historical as one of the country’s first holiday retreats. It is an ideal place to relax, indulge in nature and enjoy good food and company. The picnic area has disabled toilets, gravel paths, shelters and electric barbecues. A boardwalk is also accessible to let the picnickers access the Mackenzie River. The boardwalk is also wheelchair friendly.

It is no wonder taking a trip at Grampians should not only be for a day. Having to experience all the activities will surely be an adventure of a lifetime to experience with family and friends.

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