The 1st edition of 'All Angles Walking Tour Festival' Melbourne

Launching in 2017. Applications open now.

The 1st ‘All Angles Walking Tour Festival will open for a Friday evening and close on the Sunday afternoon of the same weekend, for one weekend, in 2017.

-Seeking 10 artists
-Each to produce one unique walking experience

The walk itself,
-30 minutes to 3 hours in duration
-Capacity for 1-8 audience members
-Held once during the festival

Artists will receive group and one-on-one mentoring and access to a small budget with Alternative Walking Tours

Alternative Walking Tours is seeking artists to be involved in a festival-like creation for 2017. Alternative Walking Tours will operate as a curatorial platform for artistic urban tours and urban practices. 

We are inviting local and international city inhabitants to apply different methodologies of play and research into the medium of walking.  Appropriating spaces, conversations and times to create discourse around viewpoints, urban planning, art, and the everyday experience of city life. 

Alternative Walking Tours has been operating since 2013 and presents regular walking tours with students, professionals, urbanists, artists and other experts in the field of Australian bohemianism and subculture. We are in constant discussion in-house around our own viewpoints that form the landscape for what we do and the framework that we work within. 'All Angles' is a continuation of this conversation; bringing the private monologue public. Playing with the tension, challenges and new material that this creates as we test how elastic our city and our work is, from all angles.

If you would like to join this investigation, we are welcoming proposals for walks. 

We invite story tellers, students, artists, neighbours, amateurs, cooks, philosophers, athletes, writers, groups, individuals, concepts, material, music, performance, theatre, exercise, professional organisations, designers, urban planners, programmers, and other walking tour providers.  

Please send your proposal to us via email with the Subject line 'All Angles Walking Tour Festival Proposal 2017 to