Which Bohemian Are You?

Conjuring up the great Bohemians of Australia's past, they have become archetypes for their modern bohemian successors. Which one are you?

'The Soul of Bohemia', Vali Myers -

Vali Myers Large Image.jpg


The life of the party! Enchanting in the everydayness of life- it is your lifestyle and how you embody this that is your true work of art. Famed for how you live, many are drawn to you and inspired by you.

'The True Bohemian', Marcus Clark -


You succeed at everything you attempt, particularly in academia, and you know this.  But at the heart of it- you prefer a different lifestyle. The decadence of long conversations and late night antics. You are the one that sets the tone, the true tone of a bohemian.

'The Adventurer', Barry Humphries -

Adventurous, active, and creating the unexpected! It's unlikely that you'll ever just sit back and relax, you crave creation and success. 

'The Untouchable', Joy Hester -


You are a sensitive soul- drawn to intensity, extremes and the perils of love. When one of those pinnacles is reached escapism is often the perfect way out! For that is the true essence of yourself, the artist and the expression of your artistic freedom. 

'The Muse', Sunday Reed -

You know who you are, and find softness in this space. By your own natural essence you are nurturing, and able to encourage and inspire others. You are a muse to many but never seek to measure the power you feel within.

Jessie Alice