Your Tea – Revolutionising Melbourne’s Coffee-centric Culture!

Your Tea has a strong belief in naturally and safely restoring and balancing the body’s physical and mental state.

This Australian company’s increasing success is via it’s wide range of blends, from those focusing on cleansing the body and assisting in its physical wellbeing to those tailored to improving the body’s mental state.

One of the company’s most popular blends is the TinyTea Teatox. This is a herbal blend that aims to nourish and cleanse the body’s digestive system and assists in reducing weight and easing bloating. One look at the amazing transformations on the tea’s personal Instagram profile (@tinyteatox) and you’ll be ordering it by the box!

This month’s featured product: Energy Tea

One of the company’s popular blends is its newly formulated Energy Tea. After drinking Your Tea’s yummy Energy Tea for only one week, I could already feel my body’s positive response to its mix of natural herbs. Aligning with the company’s beliefs, this tea works to naturally stimulating the body’s energy levels and is the perfect way to get the most out of your day. I felt more energetic, awake and alive from drinking a cup of this delicious warmth. I felt my body and mind de-stressing with every sip. This tea is the perfect companion to the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Want another reason to choose Your Tea as your daily blend? Enter Charitea. They are raising their mugs to make a difference in the world by donating a percentage of every individual sale to two chosen charities at the end of each month. They are passionate about giving back to the world and raising awareness for a number of issues of chosen charities around the world. To date, they have donated over $60,000 to their chosen charities.

Jessie Alice